Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Once a teacher, always a teacher

I’ve started down a slippery slope. I’ve just accepted gifts under false pretenses.
          There I was in Staples yesterday, picking up a plastic file box for tax paperwork, a pack of gold and silver Sharpees for kids to sign in at our grandson’s Bar Mitzvah this weekend, and most important of all, a bag of dark chocolate bark with coconut.
          I stepped up to the register, handed over my Staples Teachers Rewards card, and the clerk gave me a knowing look.

          “Have we given you your goody pack yet?”
          (What on earth??)
          “Um, no.” Whatever it was, I knew I hadn’t received it.
          He whipped an envelope from beneath the counter, informing me that I would also receive 10% off my purchase.
          I’ve been retired since 2011, but I hadn’t invited Staples to the party so I guess they thought I was still in the trenches.
          I felt a little guilty as I left, but then I remembered all the money I've spent every September to prep my classroom and my students.

          The envelope turned out to only have a bunch of Staples coupons and half of a Post It notepad.

          And besides, the 10% off paid for my chocolate.


  1. goody pack indeed. coupons were probable for things you will never buy but the 10% off was nice.

  2. Ha! I'm sure I would have enjoyed the chocolate even more, knowing it was free. :-)

  3. I'd say you justifiably earned your "Goody Pack"!

  4. Life without chocolate--unthinkable. Good job.

  5. Well, you kind of stumbled into it, I guess. Maybe donate to the school?

  6. What I hated most giving up was my Barnes & Noble teacher's discount card! Boy, they sure were generous with that half a post-it note pad. I don't think you need to feel TOO guilty :-)


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