Thursday, November 17, 2016

Identity Search

In the years of our acquaintance, my hairdresser has

- owned his own shop with his wife         

- sold that business while his wife worked in a completely different field   

- rented a chair somewhere         

- rented a chair somewhere else       

- returned to owning his own shop again with his wife.

          I’ve followed him from pillar to post because that’s what you do when you’ve found someone capable of consistent results and normal conversation.

          Another selling point is that like my doctor, he’s a bit younger than me and so will be around for a while.  (Unless, God forbid, he has an epiphany of some kind and decides to pack up again.)

          And so, thought I, at least the hair portion of my life is under control.


          I’ve started all over again. Once again I’m working through, “Should I keep it long?”  “Should it be shorter?” “Which cut is more flattering?”

          But not for me. I now have a new crop of hair to manage.


          After years of wearing my cats everywhere – dark pants coated in the orange cat’s fur, light pants coated in the black cat’s fur – and floors with cat hair blowing across like tumbleweed, we now have a pet that doesn’t shed.

          Good news, except that non-shedding hair keeps growing, so I have another hairdresser (aka groomer) on my calendar.


          We’re still in the trial and error stage.

Mamie as a weensy sheepdog     --->


 This week’s effort was closer to the mark.

Now, like that perfect coiffure you bring home from the salon, if I could only duplicate that fluffy coat and those clean white paws at home.


  1. My daughter has a little dog that is new to the home. She has just gotten her third off to school, so not sure why she wants this much work.

    1. Believe me - I've asked myself that same question these past two months. But we are having a lot of new fun.

  2. Big smiles.
    Everything in this house has a patina of cat fur. Including some places I am pretty sure they don't go. Like the toilet bowl. And under the toilet seat.

    1. Don't be so sure. My long-ago cat Howard peed in the toilet. I have no idea how he learned to do that, but there he sat one day, peeing away. And don't think that wasn't inconvenient, with a family of four and only one bathroom.

  3. I like Mamie's hair cut. Sigh--it will grow.

  4. I kind of liked that sheep dog look. She looks so soft. A dog that doesn't shed sound pretty great. We have a long-haired white cat and a black border collie so no matter what you wear, the hair shows. I'm used to it!

  5. Some smart person should set up a beauty parlor and grooming business in the same place so we could get our pets and ourselves done at the same time.
    I once cracked up at an announcer at the Westminster Dog show who stated that pet owners consider animal hair a condiment. Almost.

  6. A good hair dresser is hard to find!! I think your little dog looks great with that short little 'do'. -Jenn

  7. I like Mamie as a weeny sheepdog. I like shaggy dogs.

  8. I love Mamie's sheep dog look, but I'm sure she's more comfortable with the short style, in summer at least, and there's less brushing necessary too.


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