Thursday, June 16, 2016

A green morning

This morning we took the bikes out for a quick ride – we haven’t been on them since last fall.
Having only learned how to ride a bike at the advanced age of 30, I can always use a refresher course. (By the way, any solutions out there for sore nether regions? Padded seat, check. Padded shorts, check. Wider tires, check.)  

          We pedaled past Llewellyn Merrick’s fields and noted that the corn was on its way up, the planting staggered to space out the harvest through the end of the summer.
    As I've written before, like so many other people in town, we’re big fans of his corn. (Merrick Farm)

     Right now the stand is empty and lonely, but in a few more weeks there should be the usual row of cars pulled over to the tree belt of Main Street, picking up vegetables for dinner on the way home from work. 

Speaking of vegetables, here’s this week's haul from my CSA farm share:

1 head of bok choi            scallions
bag of spinach                  radishes
1 head of lettuce               1 garlic scape

              Okay, folks – what do I do with a garlic scape?


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Ellen. Possibly bok choi and garlic scape tonight.

  2. There was never a child who enjoyed riding a bicycle more than me, and now I haven't ridden one in probably 40 years. I don't think I'd have any trouble riding one today but don't see that in my future.

  3. We ride bike a lot and you need to toughen up the butt by riding or it will always feel sore.

  4. Use the garlic scape just as you would garlic. And enjoy.

  5. Re advice: it's not just the padding of the seat you need to pay attention to, but also the width of it. I would recommend that you go to an independent bike shop for professional advice. I'm fed up with my local Halfords and the lack of knowledge. There was a Top Riders (a chain, but small enough to be considered independent) near where I live where the bloke who ran it knew everything there was to know about bikes. It closed down. Evans Cycles is pretty decent, too.

    Greetings from London.

  6. Bike riding? There are three points that should bear your weight: 1.legs 2. arms 3. back. If your weight is evenly distributed you don't have to worry about a thing. All bumps are taken in my legs. The old ten speeds were the perfect bike for comfort!

  7. Nether regions? See if you can buy a wider seat; there are some available. Maybe you can find one similar to a tractor seat with the width and shallow depression for the butt cheeks to sit comfortably.
    What on earth is a garlic scape??

  8. Yep, saute that scape. You'll love it. And the only thing for sore nether regions is calluses. :-)


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