Wednesday, August 5, 2015

PM and AM

After Monday’s lunch at Martha’s Vineyard ($14 dollars extra to add four shrimp to my salad), we decided yesterday that it might be wise to scale down a bit.
We’d had a late lunch, weren’t all that hungry, and the beach was calling.

Riddled as we are with wrinkles, age spots, and the occasional trip to the dermatologist to have a patch or two of skin cancer sizzled away, late afternoon works best for us.

We reached the beach about 5:00, and with deli sandwiches and a little judiciously doctored tonic water, nirvana about 5:10.

For breakfast today we traveled to one of our favorite spots, Fort Hill in Eastham. Part of the national park system, it has walking trails through wildflowers, along with lookout points to enjoy the view.


First, we read the paper, had a muffin or two, and after fighting off the green-head flies who decided to share our breakfast, we were off for a stroll. 



  1. We love to travel with picnics, too. Those million-dollar views make any food even tastier!

  2. I would enjoy that, too. Beautiful photographs.

  3. The Queen Ann's Lace is a lovely border.

  4. ...and life is an adventure so you find a great variety of eats and along the way flowers.

  5. You have obviously been suffering. To the max.

  6. I'm all for the judiciously doctored tonic water. love the queen anne's lace.

  7. Ah that sunset was worth the trip but all the rest was candy on top.

  8. Sunset on the beach is the perfect time of day in my opinion.
    Love those lacy white flowers along the roadside.
    $3.50 per shrimp? That's outrageous.


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