Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Random Monday

I learned two things while in bed last night.
No. Elevate your mind, please.

I woke up to the scent of skunk wafting into my room.

1 – Storm windows or no storm windows, our house is far from air tight.
2 – I never want to tangle with a skunk in person if events in the woods outside my window are that evident two floors up with all the windows sealed (?) shut. 

It’s no wonder that names disappear the instant I need to introduce people or that it takes three trips (and this is not a one-time event) to the basement before I can remember what I wanted.

Yesterday I was in my car listening to a radio station playing music from the 1960s. If you run a station with a playlist limited to just one era in musical history, you are bound to play songs a bit less well-known than “Louie, Louie” or “Hey, Jude.” Many of your offerings will be ones that never made it into the top 40 for that year.

Song after song, regardless of artist or style, I knew every word. Not snippets or sections, but  e v e r y  word.

No wonder I not only need a list at the grocery store, but have to meticulously cross off each item as I buy it.

My brain is full up. 


  1. The skunk smell is awfully pungent, isn't it? And I know the words to an awful lot of songs from the old days, too. Wish I could jettison some of them. :-)

  2. The oldies but goodies station keeps moving up a decade. I switched to Public Radio when "oldies" approached the current century.

  3. I don’t know about skunks but I know all about pop lyrics. I recently downloaded a whole batch of music I heard on my parents’ radio and I KNEW the songs.!!!

  4. So you will have to add a memory stick to your brain so that you can remember the stuff you really need. I deleted a whole lot of photos the other day.

  5. I rode my bike past a recently deceased skunk a couple weeks ago. I wondered if I would smell like skunk for the rest of the day, or week. Nobody said anything.

    1. Well, a couple of possibilities come to mind
      1. There were no lingering effects
      2. They were just being kind
      ; o )

  6. We made it through the summer with only one mild skunk attack....not bad at all.

  7. Aww but they are so cute.
    Me too on long ago lyrics. I always thought if they put quantum physics to music we could all be nerds.

  8. Do you know the words to Dead Skunk? Here they are!

    May I use your excuse? I like brain's too full!

  9. I think my brain is full too! Oh I hate skunks...they are in hibernation now...and I am so happy!! Nothing worse that that horrible smell:(

  10. I missed this post! That skunk is so cute! Maybe that's part of my problem, my brain is full!

  11. Ugh on the skunk- better shoo that creature off by any means necessary! I was just thinking this same thought the other day about late 60's, and 70's music. I know every word to so many songs, but haven't a clue about the new stuff that calls itself music nowadays. That may just be me being stubborn about it..I don't like, so I don't listen, so I don't sing along. :)

  12. For two summers we had skunks raising families under a shed behind the house. We used to watch the babies parading behind the mother across the lawn at night when we turned the back light on. They were very polite and never sprayed, and the next summer they were just gone. Maybe we smelled bad to them? :-)

  13. We don't have skunks out here.
    My children know the words to the oldies songs that I like.


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