Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Housing Development

According to Wikipedia, cluster housing is the grouping of residential properties on a development site in order to use the extra land as open space or recreation. 

Some advantages are more public space and a closer community.

We thought we'd try out the idea in our own neck of the woods. 

 Note the rocky New England soil
Thus, the breaker bar.

Then, a lot of stamping to secure the post.
One. . .
Two. . . 
And Three!

It did state that the shared garden areas could be a source of conflict.
We’ll find out.


  1. This is so nice the only arguments will be among the wrens. We call the breaker bar a spud bar here in the Connecticut Western Reserve.

  2. they look wonderful! we have several birdhouses around the yard and I have two more yet to put up.

  3. Are you expecting an influx of Martins? They usually do enjoy condo living. Wish I had such a set up.
    I live in Stone county which is well named and totally understand that rock situation and special tools.

  4. The front one looks like a face. :-)

  5. I like your sense of humor. It took me a minute to catch on!

  6. Your boxes are so cute! I've never known close quarters to bother sparrows, wrens or martins..I don't know about other birds. Good luck- it looks great.


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