Sunday, July 27, 2014

So There!

You may recall a previous post
about our efforts for the past ten years to finally enjoy a harvest – however small - from our peach tree.

While Beatrix Potter wove heartwarming tales for children about the antics of our happy little forest folk, the ongoing saga here is more Mr. McGregor than Squirrel Nutkin.

     I had already picked two peaches a few days ago and left them to ripen.
    Yesterday we tried one, and eureka! we had lift-off. It was small, but juicy, and low and behold, tasted like a real peach!

     I went out to the tree to check for developments. There were developments, all right. Not good ones. 
Peaches tossed to the ground by tiny little feet. 

A munch here, 

And a munch there. 
 It was time to save whatever I could.

Our first harvest!
                        So neener, neener to you, sir!


  1. I no longer care what comes between me and my fruit. I put a net over my raspberries, and used something to make a purists heart quake for the saw flies. If I had a peach tree I might be relocating the varmits to another county. Welcome to come back in the winter and glean bird seed, but not my peaches. If I had peaches...

  2. Don't ya hate when they only sample and ruin the fruit? Eat it all or not at all for Pete's sake. Glad you were able to salvage such a lovely bushel full anyway.

  3. Such pretty peaches. And a basket full. I would hate to know that we had to survive on what we grow. I'm afraid we would starve. With the insects, birds, squirrels, deer, and dry weather ever summer...I wonder how people did survive. No wonder everybody was skinny back then.

  4. Yes, I'm afraid you can't let them ripen on the tree if you have critters but they still ripen up sweetly.


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