Friday, July 25, 2014

Final Step

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Five Sentence Fiction

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William looked out to the world beyond as he said to her, “We have to do it while we still have some time left,”

She twisted her hands together, so quiet he almost missed her words, “I’m not sure I’m ready.”

“Look, we’ve prepared for this – it’s not like we didn’t know this moment would come,” this with a quick sigh, trying to hide his impatience.

 “True, but. . . it feels so uncertain . . . and there’s really no going back.”

He leaned down to kiss her and hold her eyes with his as he said, “Today’s the day; I’m turning in my retirement papers.”


  1. I believe she likes rugs underfoot, not husbands.

  2. Because of the pic, I thought it was a Thelma and Louise moment. :-/

  3. What a sweet story. I've not been there yet, and my parents were forced into retirement, but I imagine it does take a bit of fearlessness to make that move.

  4. No fair. You had me where you wanted me, thinking they were jumpers. I read quickly to the end hoping she'd bring him to his senses - and then you laid the "R" bomb on us
    Ugh. Good twist.

  5. Man oh man you never think about these kinds of things until you are there. Growing up is a strange thing indeed.

  6. I tried to e-mail new computer messed it up..My hubs of over 40 years came home one day and said that he was retiring after hearing a dear friend only got 1 full week of retirement and died..He said the company was not gonna kill him this has been 5 or 6 years ago, I cannot remember he is so happy..Our only lives 4,000 miles but we see her more than we ever did! she flies out and we go up to see her in the biggest city in our state where she used to live..we do things we did when we first went out on dates between school work and his family obligations and me I helped everyone out and traveled far and wide..I say seize the day, never look back, life is so precious and one must try to be happy no matter what and working like hell is not on our bucket list at all, ciao!

  7. Yes, I do remember my mum expressing her worries when my step-dad opted for early retirement. He had been under so much stress and pressure, she was worried that the sudden release would seriously impact his health. I'm very pleased to say, it did the exact opposite!

    1. Hi Freya - Good to hear from you.
      And I loved (!) your version of the same prompt for fearless, The Interpreter.

  8. Just the right amount of tension. I even got a bit closer to the screen as I read it!


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