Sunday, May 18, 2014

Night Shift

Here's my latest contribution to 
 Five Sentence Fiction. 

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The convenience store on Harper and State was a scene of blood and mayhem, boxes of cereal knocked to the floor and the rack of newspapers now tattooed with streaks of red. Jimmy Pantucci sighed with a weariness brought on by more than a midnight-to-dawn shift as he stood over the dead clerk, one more person arriving from somewhere else with more dreams than luggage. The ambulance came and went, the tech team took their prints, and Jimmy wrapped the building in yellow police tape like a big sad package. The new sun was looking over his shoulder when he climbed the steps up to the two-family and unlocked his door, the night falling away with the big belt of cop’s tools he hung over the back of the chair and the gun he locked in the drawer.

Down the hall he opened the one door he was always glad to open, just in time to see his daughter turn over in her crib and bathe him clean again with her smile.


  1. Well done. Perspective. I like this.
    Here is my 5SF:

  2. Chilling to sweet in five sentences.

  3. I too very much enjoyed this. Unpredictable.

  4. It's amazing, isn't it, how just a glimpse of innocence can help to wash away the pain and the stains that life too often brings? What a well written response to the prompt.

    God bless you,

  5. A beautiful scene, full of contrasts.

  6. How sad, with such a sweet ending. I feel that last sentence. Wish I had your talent for writing.


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