Thursday, May 15, 2014

Maiden Voyage


My partners in crime golf and I finally found the magic combination of good weather and a mutually-free day and took to the course for the first time this year.

          The strategy this year (our second of playing) is to start at the Par 3 and then eventually move on to a Big Girl course where the holes are regulation length.
          While the size of our course is more manageable, the grounds crew there could step up their game a bit. We could have made the game more interesting by seeing who could spot the most beer bottles.


This course can also help to keep you alert: anyone who chooses to use the benches provided had better do so  v e r y  carefully.

Still, it was a beautiful day, we had the course to ourselves, and once in a very great while some of us (no, not me) made par.

 Since it’s a real accomplishment for us to complete a full 18 on the teensy course, it should be interesting to see how we fare when we hit the Big Time.
However, after playing on this course, anywhere else will be a breeze. 
Note the carefully groomed fairway.


  1. I only golf with children, and only if they are as bad as I am. (Is that proper grammar?)

  2. Excellent grammar and even more excellent idea.


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