Sunday, May 4, 2014

Digging in the Dirt

Who over the age of three 
knew dirt could be so much fun?

This past weekend our town held its annual plowing of the community garden.

But there wasn't a tractor in sight.  

Instead, teams of all shapes 
and sizes came from around the region.

First there was some “waiting around” time.

And then some “getting ready” time. 

But soon they were off and running  plowing!

And an audience of all ages came to watch. 

The horses were also
kind enough to offer
wagon rides. 


        You could have lunch,

listen to some music, 

or do a little shopping, 
from plants for the garden 
to trinkets for the soul.

I was happy to come away with not only 
maple syrup, but also goat’s milk hand lotion, both produced right in our town. 

Most priceless of all was the beauty before us.


The sun was shining, the air was balmy 

 and everyone was glad to be there to welcome spring. 


  1. No tractors but horses? Are you living in Amish country?

  2. Nope. Just good old Western Massachusetts. This is a chance for owners to give their teams a workout.

  3. That's a great day. The draft horses are impressive.

  4. What a wonderful event. We have several "lease back farms" here in the park; old farmsteads leased back from the national park and operated as they might have been in the 19th century. Not as tourist attractions, but as regular farms. One fellow up the road runs maybe ten acres with a beautiful pair of matched blacks. Some day I'll knock on the door for pictures.

    1. Wow. What troopers those farmers must be. Can you imagine how much work it must be?

  5. Looks like a nice and festive day!

  6. How very cool! Loved the photos and I used to be part of a community garden in Maine and found it a wonderful experience. No horses there though.


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