Friday, May 2, 2014


Here's my latest contribution to 
 Five Sentence Fiction. 
This week's prompt is    Freedom. 

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They thought they were hiding it, but the wide smiles at her going away party had held pity behind them. Melanie’s desk would tomorrow have another name plate and a different coffee mug, the phone answered by a different voice. Her co-workers would never say so, but they had been stunned that she would walk away from this career, leaving behind the thrill of meeting a goal or climbing to the next rung. She knew she was also stepping away from deadlines, office politics, and working weekends.
At four the next morning she woke with a smile to the cries from the next room and her new life as the C.E.O. of her world.     


  1. I think she's made a wise choice. Nice story!

  2. Hi Marty

    Apparently Melanie would rather cater to a much younger man in her life, one who would demand she'd be there for him whenever he'd desire her assistance for whatever it might be. It didn't matter she'd have to wake out of her sleep to bring him the appropriate beverage making sure she serves it at the proper temperature, she knew she'd be forced to obey or suffer some possible consequences.. She knew she'll have to forego the FREEDOM she once had enjoyed for about a year or a little more, before a new enjoyment, an enjoyment of a life which would be able to come into her life. Do you get the picture of what I'm referring to? I believe I got the picture of what you decided to write about in response to Lillie's prompt word for this week, which is why I decided to comment your response.

    Have a GREAT WEEKEND with your family !!! :-) :-) :-)

  3. A very enjoyable read :-)

  4. Yes, when values are clear, decision making is easy. Good for her!

  5. Another sweet story. You are good at this! I also enjoyed your last post about sweet Satchel. He is a beautiful cat.

    1. Thanks Ms HP. You are a kind lady. And yes, Satchel is a special kind of guy.

  6. The right decision and that's freedom; able to make that decision. I love how you refer to the baby as the CEO. Brilliant. And nicely written. x

  7. I love the freedom of motherhood! Great piece!


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