Thursday, February 27, 2014

Squirrel Hunger Games

       In spite of what has seemed like an endless schedule of snow this year, it’s been pretty busy here with the comings and goings of visitors. From past sightings, we know we have deer, wild turkey, fox, and coyote, some of them more welcome than others.
Note the tracks in the distance - none from bipeds. 

Everyone has kept their distance so about all we see now are their tracks, but that may change as food sources in the woods diminish and they come closer to the house looking for food.
Today I woke up to 5 degrees with a high expected of 20, but the signs of spring are still arriving. The bird song is increasing and I heard a woodpecker drilling away on the shell of a tree outside of my window. And my favorites, the bluebirds, are back. 
The customer we are hoping for.

 Another sign is the improved learning curve of our squirrels as the year wears on.
Perhaps cute on the ground.
Not so much shimmying up to the bird seed.

Even less cute after they've figured out how to climb the house and scamper across the wire to the goodies.
Squirrel = 1
Humans = 0


  1. You not only have endless winter but endless bird feeders! They provide you with entertainment and it's a very worthy contribution to the critters.

  2. Irritating blighters but ever so clever. I am amazed at the arial acrobatics of my squirrels.


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