Monday, October 7, 2013

Seasonal Schizophrenia

     Every fall it seems that the calendar is saying one thing and the natural world around me is saying another. 

     Here we are in the second week of October and our weather is behaving more as though it thinks we're sailing out of May. 

     Our morning glories are blooming better than they did all summer. 

And the geraniums are busily producing new blooms. 

Even the cucumbers are trying to convince me 
they'll be filling my salads for weeks to come.

     But the calendar tells me that now is the time for me to be hard-hearted, pull up these summer friends and put in the fall replacements. 

     And yet, I'm not quite ready to make a clean break. 


So I save some basil for one last batch of pesto 

and pot a few plants in the hope (probably in vain) that I can persuade them to stay with me through the winter. 

     And then bring on the chrysanthemums, pumpkins and gourds!


  1. I love this post, and love the beautiful pictures, as well. I really enjoy the layout of your blog, Marty. I use a standard layout, but like yours much better.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Bica. Truth be told, I'm afraid to tinker with it - not sure if I remember how to put it together!!

  2. Ah, welcoming a new season while holding on to the last...Here in the Pacific Northwest the rains begin to arrive by the end of September and by mid October, the sunshine is scarce and we are deep in grey wet weather that will last for months before the promise of spring, around May, clears the skies and lets us welcome sunny skies again.

    1. Looks like I'd better appreciate our sunny cooling weather here!

  3. It's all very strange over here too. I actually got sun burnt last weekend while working in the garden - pruning and putting away the garden furniture, so it all felt a little weird. However we are being told that autumn is coming with vengeance by the end of the week. So the pumpkins will be more in keeping with the weather. Have a great week. x


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