Thursday, September 12, 2013

Waiting Room Heaven

Can you guess where I am?

Shopping for furniture?

Perhaps picking up some greenery for the house?

    Or maybe at my local coffee

Wrong on all counts!

I’m getting my behemoth vehicle’s oil changed.

Over the years I’ve served my time in the waiting rooms of dealerships, local garages, and the occasional Jiffy-Lube. Now that I’ve discovered this garage, I’m no longer sitting elbow to elbow with fellow detainees in our creaking orange chairs while being assaulted with Jerry Springer. Now I can choose one of the three clean (!) and cushioned couches, tastefully chosen to match the wall to wall carpeting.
          I can also enjoy the latest news on the wide screen TV,

           read the crisp new copy of that morning’s paper,

 or perhaps take advantage of one of the three Kindles set out on the coffee tables.

          WiFi? Of course.

          Free coffee? Yes, but you are taxed with deciding which of the several flavors you’d prefer.

          Or if you’d rather spend the time more productively, you can plug your laptop in at the separate work station.
          And most amazing of all, the prices are competitive and the mechanics are not only skilled but honest. If only I could eliminate the part when I step up to the counter and hand over my credit card. 


  1. That is amazing. I would expect a dealership to look like that, but a garage? Very nice!

  2. Very restful - I've wondered if they'd notice if I just stopped by for some quiet down time. .

  3. Hi Marty! You got me. I had no idea. LOL What a brilliant idea from a customer service standpoint. I hope the actual service was as great as the waiting facilities. :)

  4. Yes, so far so good. I keep waiting for the other shoe to fall.


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