Sunday, August 11, 2013

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

 We're back. The car is emptied - except for all the sand, which I'm sure even after a good vacuuming will still travel around with me for some time to come.  The washer is on its 4th or 5th load and the cat is recovering from a week of loneliness and neglect (in spite of the kind people who came to feed him and visit two times each day).

   So now like children counting down
 the days to a birthday, we'll mark our 
 calendar with the  number of days left
 before we return to our shady lane on  
 Cape Cod next summer. 

 Our too-short week was filled with all the things we look forward to 

time on the beach, 
especially special when with the grandkids,


     some much-needed exercise     on the Rail Trail 

a birthday dinner, and sitting around with family as evening moves in. 

We also surprised ourselves with unplanned events:

A twilight steel drum concert. Magical.

An open house put on by local model railroaders. The room was filled with an equal portion of grandfathers and little boys. (Or is that redundant?)

A rainy day trip to Woods Hole in Falmouth where the winds reached 28 mph. My hat was practically screwed to my head and still had to be chased across the street.  

An art show by some of the local talent. 

Coming across some kite flyers on our favorite beach one evening. 

And looking for that perfect picture for my fella - our resident artist - to paint. 
Here's my choice. 


  1. Great photo and one I will certainly put into my canvas art painting queue.....keep finding these painting opportunities and we may just have to find a bigger place to live for the need of wall space to hang ya...

  2. Looks like a beautiful, relaxing vacation. Love the photos...makes me long for a visit to a venue with sand!

  3. Cape Cod looks wonderful!

    The train set looks brilliant.

    1. Not nearly as exotic as your corner of the world, Hippo, but I do love it.
      And that was just one of the train set ups. It was an entire room, with O,N,and HO gauge trains, all manned by gentlemen of a certain age.

  4. I also vote for the glorious sunset, magnificent!


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