Saturday, May 11, 2024

No Excuse

          I’ve been away in more than one sense. Yes, we’ve put Florida behind us until next year and are back in Massachusetts trying to adjust to wearing shoes again.

But I haven’t written a post since – Good God! – the middle of March. All I can attribute this to is procrastination, sloth, and a dull life with little to write about, punctuated here and there by a few moments of fun interruptions.

           Such as a visit by our sweet and enormous middle grandson and his girlfriend, who we pointed toward the beach, loaned them the car, and took out to dinner every now and then. Easiest company ever.

          Next came a surprise weekend visit from a friend who’s retired and is buying a house in the middle of the sunshine state. A couple of dinners on my part, with a free afternoon for me while the menfolk had lunch with another friend in the area.

          A week later, here came the twins:




  1. Welcome back. I am so glad you had some very happy times in your absence.

  2. Sounds like you've been doing just what you should be doing: living and enjoying life!

  3. Making memories with those cute kids!

  4. There's nothing at all wrong with not blogging for a while and simply enjoying life and family.

  5. Welcome back! I did miss you...

  6. Glad you're back! I love the picture with the huge banyan tree.


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