Thursday, May 16, 2024

John Q Public


It’s hard sometimes to come up with yet another idea for a post. Maybe I should take a page from other bloggers and designate a theme for particular days.

For instance, Thursday could be Crabby Pants Day.


    Yesterday I hit the grocery store and was irritated before I’d even gotten out of the car. I’d had to reject two parking spaces before landing because of the thoughtlessness (and idle sloth) of my fellow man.

          Okay, I can kind of understand this in Florida where my local store has very limited cart corrals and shoppers somehow wrestle the two front wheels up onto the median strip in front of their car. Pretty impressive considering the average age in our town is 60+.

          But here we have cart enclosures practically every 10 cars.

    And my mood didn’t improve with the first aisle I went down, either.


  1. Sigh. It is sometimes hard to be proud of (or even like) our species.

  2. Sigh. I can see why you're crabby. I would be too. But it did make for a good post.

  3. You should have a grandchild in tow. I used to give them the job of corralling errant carts. The apple, well maybe it came from home and mom didn't notice it being dropped. Or not...

    1. My kinder self later did acknowledge that it was likely dropped by a tot.

  4. Your cart corrals have roofs? Great idea! i hate seeing dropped food anywhere, but in a supermarket aisle is worse, someone could slip on that.


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