Wednesday, March 13, 2024

My Dogs are Barking

 It’s been a tough spring, feet-wise.

As I age, the chickens are coming home to roost (to mix up those metaphors). An unhappy bunion has been objecting more and more to being bound into shoes, triggering an unhappy arch, shin splints, and a new knee issue. Apparently, as the song goes, the hip bone really is connected to the thigh bone, and so on.

          With the possibility of surgery being the next apparent step (see what I did there?), I figured I had nothing to lose with a trip to a pricey orthotic shoe store. 

Foot O Scope, not the machine I used

They had a contraption reminiscent of the 1950s Foot-O-Scope Xray machines that were all the rage back then. (Never mind that the unregulated exposure put both clerks and customers at risk for future ailments triggered by that exposure.)  So I took a breath, but stepped on anyway.



    I didn’t learn a heck of a lot other than my arches are falling, my left more than my right. But I confess it did make me feel a little like, “There! This ought to accomplish something.”

          And for the cost of what I used to spend on a week of groceries for a family of four (granted, it was 1972), I came away with a fetching pair of baby blue sneakers that feel like heaven. Arch support! What a concept! And soft mesh on top to keep the crabbiest bunion happy.

          I’m proud to say that this afternoon I did a cushy two mile stroll and could have kept going if the heat hadn’t told me it was time to go in. That surgery may not be happening after all.


        And at the end of my walk, I had to capture this sweet message chalked on the sidewalk.


  1. What sort of store did you go to? Those are the exact sort of shoes I've hunted for on line, to no avail. And PS: I love Harper, too.

    1. Not to do a commercial endorsement, but my new sneakers are made by Oofos.
      Look them up online, but make sure you're sitting down when you see the price. But here at the end of the day, my feet don't hurt one bit. It's a miracle.

    2. As a person with feet from hell, I will pay anything for shoes that don't hurt. I used to wear Hokas, but they changed their last and I can't wear them anymore. Not sure what I will do when my current pair wears out. Anyway, if you need sandals, this is what I have been wearing for years. They have arches!

  2. I have fallen arches, had them for years now and it doesn't seem to bother me. I wear sandals without arch support and sneakers with arch support and my feet don't seem to care which I choose. I am very thankful to have no bunions.

  3. I've had my share of foot troubles. Happy new shoes!
    Aw, I love Harper's big sis/bro.


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