Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Destruction and Construction

 Yesterday after some laundry, a walk, and computer time, we decided to go out for lunch. It’s still in the 60s, so we didn’t feel any great need to find a scenic spot by the bay. Instead, we went to a once-blank area (think scrub pines and cattle) that’s being transformed into a town.  Once completed, Wellen Park will have 22,000 homes.

          There’s a similar shopping/living/dining build to the north of us – Lakewood Ranch. It’s been there a few years and is pleasant to visit even if it does have a manufactured, Disney-like quality. Betcha can’t guess from the name what used to be there in its place.

          After lunch we drove around, agog at the vast stretches of empty, moon-like land all readied for the trucks to roll in, and at the house after villa after multi-condo already being constructed, most of them starting at $400,000. Are that many people really coming here? It’s terrifying.  

          We returned home and thanked our stars that seven years ago we’d lucked upon this modest and cozy complex.

          We were so cozy last night we decided to stay in and skip the complex’s trivia night, although another big factor was the cases of Covid that had hit our neighbors over the holidays.

          Maybe I’ll send you some photos of the construction devastation one of these days but in the meantime you can enjoy the progression of the sunset last week when we took our beach chairs and G&Ts to watch the show.

          As spectacular as these scenes are, the real thing was so overwhelming it looked like the sky had been overtaken by molten lava.



  1. Hi! New reader here! I love your sky pictures! I hear you about the destruction of construction! There is a lot of that going around here too, building huge houses no one can afford! The only good thing is they are building a huge grocery store less than a mile from us, so I guess that's a good thing! I see you live in Western Mass. My son lives in Chester NH.

    1. Hi Jeanette and welcome.
      Yes, friends were saying just the other day that we can at least depend on a new Publix and a new CVS every other mile or so.

  2. I see new constructions here daily on my walk to the shops. Two parcels of land that each once held two separate homes with yards front and back are now covered with almost completed townhouses with no space at all for even a small yard front or back and no space between each town house either. One block has 13 townhouses the other has 11.

  3. Beautiful sunset. And that sure is a huge number of people moving into your area.

  4. That is such a beautiful sunset! Marty, thank you for stopping by. I am always so flattered when you visit my silly blog. I fell in love with your writings years ago. Your posts are always fun to read.


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