Friday, October 13, 2023

Oh Them Bones!


I had a grandmotherly clutch-my-pearls moment this week when I was leaving the YMCA.

One of those gigantic skeletons that are all the rage now was standing by the drive, not that far from the neighboring preschool. It was intended as a Halloween decoration/advertisement for the next door dance studio. But of all the possibilities – black cats, smiling ghosts – why an eight-foot-tall skeleton that might be scary to little kids?

          Then that night we received pictures of the high jinks happening at our grand-twins’ house. Fatherhood hasn’t dented our son’s quirky humor, in fact it may have increased it judging by his past habit of sending home to his daughters workday photos of the girls’ stuffed animals in his office at the copier or helping out at his desk.   

      Meet the latest iteration – Boo Boo Bones, who can be found in a new spot each day. 

And the girls are just fine.


  1. HA! Boo Boo's getting into the holiday spirit.

  2. We take it he's raising these girls well.

  3. I have never known a single child who was scared by a skeleton. Most kids know they have one inside themselves anyway. I like what Boo-Boo is getting up to.

  4. Neighbour across the street has a gigantic skeleton that lights up at night -- eyes, mouth and ribs. It's quite impressive.

  5. I guess skeletons no longer hold the same "mystique" (for lack of a better word) that they once did! For a second I thought that was the South County YMCA but you're still up north, aren't you?


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