Monday, December 5, 2022

Ask a Busy Person


How my day began:


I thought my cold was gone until a sore throat arrived yesterday, and you know what that could mean. Luckily, the news was good.

          Life has slowed down a bit here, much of it due to ongoing, relentless colds. We’ve canceled a few dinners, and shelved any thoughts of going to the movies since we’d drive the rest of the audience nuts with honking coughs.

 This slow pace reminds me of a phenomenon I’ve noticed before: the less I do, the less I do. I'm becoming a master at frittering time away, whereas when I was working, I could pack more into one afternoon than I now achieve in a week.

So when I returned from my old-timers’ aerobics/weights class, I kept on going. I vacuumed out the car, washed the windshield inside and out, and organized all the bips and bops that ride around in the console. The next task was to drag out the yard blower and blast the leaves and grit from the garage floor before the weather turns and we have pristine snow in the driveway that would reveal where I sent those leaves and grit. The last remaining pumpkin got walked out and tucked under the leaves in the woods out back. I’m pretty sure I’m not supposed to add anything there, since it’s a preserve, but the other pumpkin I left last week vaporized completely, carried off by happy forest creatures. Oh, and I continued my vacuuming on to the kitchen and living room. All before noon.

I feel so virtuous that I’m off to bake a batch of cookies.


  1. Whew- I am gong to go take a nap now...

  2. I think the trick is to keep going. Once you sit to think about it, it's over!

  3. To my friends and acquaintances, I put it this way. When I was younger with children and a husband and a home and full time job, I could manage to read about three books a week. Now, with children gone, the full time job retired from, but still with the husband and home, I think I manage one book in three weeks!!

  4. As is said, you rock. That was a lotta work, physical and mental.

  5. It's true. I wonder how I ever managed to fit a job into my days, since there never seemed to be enough time to do all I intend to accomplish in one day while retired!

    1. I think it's all about momentum, chugging along from one thing to another.

  6. Marty, I've missed you! Thank you for looking in on my silly blog. I do still LOVE everything you write. Boy, can I relate to this post. I get absolutely nothing done any more. Back before I retired, I left for work in Raleigh every morning at 6:20 and got back home at 6:30 pm, five days a week but managed to keep a clean house...I dusted and mopped and kept the bathrooms clean. Now it's all I can do to give one bathroom a quick wipe down, in case company stops by. It's crazy! :)

  7. Oh dear, you are the industrious bunny. He come on over and help...I can offer hot cider??


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