Sunday, November 6, 2022


My temp of 100.9 on Friday hinted that pushing my golf cart up and down hills for 9 holes probably wasn’t the smartest choice.

But after almost two days of coughing and hacking on the couch, I’d had enough. The weather has been indescribably beautiful for the past three days – right now it’s 73 degrees - and I couldn’t spend another moment indoors. Plus, my cold seems to be finally releasing its talons.

          I’ve been out in the back yard doing a little more pre-winter tidying. We have just the right amount of gardening space; 45 minutes and I’m done, feeling like I’ve accomplished something, without the marathon our previous yard required.  





I trimmed back the hosta, but the shasta daisy and coneflowers just don’t know when to quit, so I circled around them.

 I gave the astilbe a haircut, and tried to clear enough leaves away that our complex’s landscapers will hopefully feel the urge to clear out my little garden when they come through with their big blowers. I was tempted to tidy away a little of the neighbor’s patch that sits right next to mine, but I don’t want to overstep. And the unaccustomed heat added to the slight headrush from leaning over told me it was time to stop.










      Meanwhile, can you believe that from these scraggly branches we get this glorious sight every year?




  1. Love that autumnal splendour. And am pleased to read that someone else needs a pointed reminder from their body when it is time to stop.

  2. Is that a kind of maple? Pretty little tree.

  3. Is that a golden ash tree? It's beautiful.

  4. Congrats on feeling better. I more or less cleaned up the front last week. I could do more out back or just leave it because there's not much more to be done.

  5. Fall color is spectacular but only lasts a few days. Glad you are feeling better. My cold dragged on far longer than I wanted.


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