Saturday, July 9, 2022

Last Laps


I think – please, God – that I’m done buying appliances.

The new dishwasher went in this week without much drama, and now when it’s running we can actually hear each other speaking. I guess they do come up with some improvements every 22 years or so.

In case I ever need to justify this last purchase, I only need to remember what the previous leaky washer had done to the floor underneath it. 







          For some local color, here’s some of the residents in our complex. I do find it more creepy than cute that the big koi (or carp??), with his minions behind him, always rushes to the edge of our tiny pond when I stop by. 



  1. I expect he associates humans with food. I was once bitten by a friend's eager koi when I was feeding them. He leapt up and got my fingers before I'd let go of the food. Keen diner.

  2. Does that carp have ears? And glad to hear you might be done buying new appliances!

  3. That is one BIG koi.
    And yes, I hope you are done with the buying new appliance malarky too. We were also v surprised at just how quiet our new dishwasher is - though we doubt it will last as long as the one it replaced.

  4. I believe you got your money's worth from the old dishwasher.
    The big koi keeps the minions small by eating most of the food.

  5. The big Koi just wants food. That sure is a mess under the old dishwasher, the floor boards are okay? Not rotted?

    1. The floor seems to be okay - thank heavens. And the new dishwasher did a good job of hiding most of the discoloration.

  6. As long as he doesn't come out of the water and chase you! Those guys look like they're praying on your kitchen floor.

  7. It's about time. The Kitchen Gods have been pretty rough with me lately.


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