Wednesday, July 6, 2022

A Good Walk


Yesterday began inauspiciously with sprinkles, but I pretended I didn’t see them and continued on my way to golf.

Yesterday’s game – unlike my Thursday anal-retentive league – was with friends. The kind of friends who don’t care if you fire off a second tee shot because the first dribbled away less than a yard to the left. Elements in the Thursday crew are likely to call out helpfully, “One!” if you swing and miss, as though you might not have noticed that your ball is still sitting on the ground at your feet. God forbid a stroke goes unrecorded. Needless to say, if a teaspoon of rain had fallen two hours before a Thursday game, I would have cancelled.

          And yes, I still play in that league because I want the practice and there are some perfectly nice people there besides the rules Nazis.

          A lovely day. We walked the 9 holes, which usually adds up to something over 2 miles, and what with pushing our bag carts up and down hills, pretty good exercise. My game was of course 1,000 times better than my Thursday one, since no one had any interest in my score or swings, and the main purpose of the day was conversation.

          It was also good that we managed to get out on the course with no concussions. A kids’ golf lesson was going on next to the first tee, and I guess they hadn’t gotten to the aiming portion of the class. Errant balls continued to rain down on us as we made our way to the fairway.



        And here is the real reason to play golf. 



  1. Yikes! Having balls raining down around you sounds pretty scary. When I was walking the London Loop and Capital Ring (both circular walks around the city) I occasionally had to cross golf courses and they made a big deal on the route maps about telling us to be CAREFUL. But yes, golf is a nice opportunity for an outdoor walk in pleasant surroundings. Your Tuesday group sounds much more pleasant than your Thursday one.

  2. Not only kids. I walk daily by a golf course, with a sheltering belt of trees between but it's still a rare day when I don't find a couple of wildly out of bounds balls. I shy them back onto the course, probably confusing people no end when they come across them.

    1. I know someone who lives next door to a golf course. She gathers up the balls and sells them back to any golfers she knows.

  3. Replies
    1. When you have built in sprinklers and a whole team of people whose livelihood is to keep it green, that's what you get. Several nice rows of corn would be more productive, but it's still pretty.

  4. That's a nice view. I'd walk down to see that without the golfing part.

  5. The friends group seems so pleasant.

  6. My sister plays golf in about the same league as you. I myself never got the golfing bug. Love the story you tell about how to like to golf.


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