Thursday, June 30, 2022

Back to Our Regular Programming

It was hard enough to watch/read the news a couple of years ago, and it’s difficult again – grinding war in Ukraine, guns in America, and institutional misogyny – but I’ll just have to deal.


          Meanwhile, my own battle of appliances marches on. Remember that old Twilight Zone episode in which the character Bartlett Finchley’s razor, TV, toaster, clock, and typewriter all turn on hi? I get it. One day after the new fridge was wrestled into place, the dishwasher became incontinent.

          Last night My Guy and I were reviewing all the fun purchases we’ve made this summer and we’re not done yet. I’m thankful to be on the other side of my second crown and he’s off to the dentist next week for the same thing. Oh, and the furnace is 22 years old, so guess what comes after the dentist? 

          Instead of denting the retirement stash to sail merrily off on one of the trips offered in the avalanche of Viking Tours catalogues we get each week, we’re steadily replacing everything that worked 20 years ago.




  1. Sadly familiar. I am rationing my exposure to the news. I really don't need the additional grief, pain and anger. And would rather not have to fork out big sums of money to replace appliances and shore up my mouth.

  2. The downside to home ownership, replacing big ticket items. Of course, you could have a landlord do it, but then your rent would go up.

  3. So it's wise to save twice as much for retirement to be able to replace all the things and still travel? If only we knew that in the beginning.

  4. I wonder why they are all revolting at once. And yes, I too am distressed by the continuing bad news stories. :-(

  5. I know I quote her all the time, but as Rosanne Rosannadanna used to say, "It just goes ta show ya. It's always somethin'."


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