Thursday, May 26, 2022


 I'm stealing today from people who can say it better than I ever could  (Bob, Mrs. Moon, and Steve, I hope you don't mind being quoted, but your thoughts bear repeating):

From Bob at  I should be laughing

You need to be trained and tested and licensed and insured to buy  and operate a car in this country, but all you need to get a gun and carry it wherever you want is a credit card and a trigger finger.

 From Mrs. Moon at Bless Our Hearts

Americans are insane and governed not by men and women who care about the lives of their children, their fellow citizens, but about what the NRA can give them in the form of funding and political support. 

And Steve, an American in London says at Shadows & Light

 Gun control works. I can tell you that from my more than ten years of living here in the UK, where there are strict anti-gun laws and there's barely any gun crime. We just don't have them here (particularly handguns) and if anyone who's not a gangster misses them, I haven't heard about it.




  1. Yeah, gun control works. That's what terrify's the works. It'll make their source of cash and endorsements dry up. It will take guns out of the spotlight, when mass shootings stop, people won't buy guns, like then do immediately after one occurs now.

  2. I borrowed a few images for another blog and posted them to be seen on Saturday. I'm horrified at what America has become. I know there are still good people there, but can they be heard over the sounds of guns?

  3. Here in Australia I agree. Gun control works. We had once mass shooting and immediately introduced new and restrictive regulations.

  4. It's terrible to learn that there are more guns than people in the US. And that the innocent among us are the ones who end up paying the price for our politics. :-(

  5. It’s a ridiculous situation. Enough of thoughts and prayers, which I doubt are ever really given, especially the prayers.

  6. Of course gun control works. It worked in the 40's, when the guns were at war. It worked in the fifties, when gun responsibility was taught and enforced--by parents, no less. The same in the sixties and seventies and eighties, before video games. How riled can you become at pinpall? But then society began shifting. The NRA emerged, the country began dividing, children were not taught to respect boundaries. Hate increased. 9/11 happened. The country became more intolerant. Now we need real gun control, like the Brady Bill, the Clinton ban on automatic weapons. The Right and the NRA won't have it, for all the reasons mentioned. And so children and loved ones die, and I see no end.

  7. On the plus side, the NRA has been weakened as an organization by some internal scandals and I hope that there's a growing sense among the American public that all this gun enthusiasm has gone too far. I still believe we may eventually reach a tipping point when changing our ridiculous laws becomes possible. But there will continue to be a lot of bloodshed between now and then.


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