Friday, January 7, 2022

Memory Chip

Who would have thought a potato chip could make someone sad?

 Six inches or so of snow outside, not to mention Omicron lurking at every turn, and I’m in for the day, reduced to vacuuming to break up the boredom. I seem to be vacuuming more now that I don’t have to first consider whether the floor is gritty enough to justify terrifying the dog. 

Today I still looked over my shoulder out of habit – instead of heading for sanctuary on a high spot like the bed, Mamie always ran into wherever the noise was, maybe to make sure I didn’t get sucked up and carried off to Vacuum Land.

Half of a potato chip lay on the floor by My Guy’s chair, something unthinkable in the past. Two of our morning tasks used to be opening the shades (me) and Hoovering up any overflow from evening snacks (Mamie).



  1. Awww Mamie. I still feel Dexter's presence and see him out of the corner of my eye. My brain won't let go. Who is going to save you from vacuum land now?

    1. Exactly. I could easily become a believer in ghosts.

  2. Aww, yes. Sudden rush of remembering what she used to do. That's familiar. It's usually something very small, too.

  3. Our "Mamie" hoovers my room twice daily. I'm grateful.

  4. Awww.
    If you'd like a change of scenery you could come and vacuum my place.

  5. Oh yes. There are cats who haunt me still. On the right day, in the right light I am sure that I see them out of the corner of my eye.

  6. Great love means sad memories. you were blessed.

  7. She was a fine companion. I miss her, too.

  8. Sad moments of remembrance are inevitable, especially when those little reminders appear. I experienced that with departed pets in the past. :(

  9. Sad and sweet at the same time.


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