Friday, January 14, 2022

Change of Plans

                                                                       Uh Oh. 

Storm Izzy


A casual spin over to the Weather Channel yesterday brought our household into a sudden left-hand turn. We'd been planning to depart for Florida on Sunday, but now that the forecast up the east coast seems to include everything but chartreuse frogs falling from the sky, we decided to re-group. 

    If you look out the window on Saturday and see a small gray SUV careening down toward the highway trailing pajamas out the back, that'll be us.


  1. Well, good luck. That storm the last week or so was pretty bad.

  2. I hope you make it and are safely inside before the storm hits.

  3. Safe travels, Marty! We are having a dry weekend here for a change.

  4. Get out while you can! (I guess you already have!)


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