Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Turkey Days

     I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. Hopefully, like us, you felt freer than last year to gather with family and friends.

     It’s just not the holiday if there aren’t several conversations going at once in the kitchen while the harried cook tries to negotiate around onlookers and well-intentioned helpers who are really mostly in the way.  My contribution – aside from three pies – at my daughter’s was to add to the excitement by squirting turkey drippings on the floor while siphoning them off to make gravy. Oh, and I did a masterful job of loosening the jellied cranberry sauce out of the can.

          The turkey was great, and apparently we were lucky to have it since I kept hearing dire reports of a turkey shortage. It makes sense. If you were a turkey farmer in the middle of a pandemic, I doubt if you’d plan on sending as many to market as you did in pre-plague years.

          This set me thinking how the long-running US/UK alliance even works in the turkey world. Here, it’s impossible to think of Thanksgiving without turkey, and then a month later, it’s a traditional treat across the pond for Christmas. Rather than hog the supply at the same time, we hand off the drumstick 30 days later.

          And if you need a bit more excitement, I just saw this yesterday at the grocery store.



  1. Some of us eat turkey here at Christmas. Some of us. And I don't know anyone who has eaten turducken.

  2. We always have turkey at TG. I do not love turkey, but do like it. I also like duck...so who knows?

  3. My daughter has had the Turducken for several Christmases. Some Australians have Turkey at Christmas, but usually it's a ham and many people have seafoods and salads instead of heating up and already warm kitchen in the summer here. Outdoor barbecues get put to good use if there isn't a fire ban.

  4. With our TG and Christmas 2.5 months apart, many Canadians do turkey on both occasions.

    1. MUCH better than our two massive holidays almost back-to-back.


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