Monday, August 2, 2021

Ridiculously Small World

So, making idle chit chat while waiting for the group ahead of us to tee off:

That day’s golf partner, who I’d never met before - “You have a dog? What kind?”

Saying what I always say to this question -  “Yes, but you’ve never heard of it.”

Golf partner -           “Try me.”

Me -                         “I have a Coton. Or to be more precise, a Coton de Tulear.”

Pregnant pause.

Golf partner                “Me too! And that’s exactly what I always answer."    

What were the odds? Not only have very few people ever heard of this breed, even fewer own one. I only have this fancy-named sweetheart of a dog because a friend of a friend needed to find a home for hers.   And yet there’s more –

We went through the how long have you had yours, where’d you get it, etc.

As we worked our way back in time, we realized that not only had this woman acquired her dog from the same breeder, we finally figured out that her dog is Mamie’s daughter. 

Mamie, back in her birthing days.



  1. Now that you've found you're related, they'll be on the Thanksgiving list..

  2. What are the odds? Animals are such fine parents.

  3. How sweet to find Mamie's daughter through a random meeting. Will you arrange a meeting for the two dogs?

    1. About 3 years ago, Mamie met with some of her grown-up kids but it was a bit of an anti-climax. No particular recognition at all!

  4. It's surprising and a bit amazing when something like that happens. We once met a friend at a tourist attraction on the east coast -- a person who we never encountered in the small city in which we lived. She didn't live very far from us either. But I think your experience takes the cake.

  5. WHAT?!?! That's amazing! Will you have a reunion for them?

  6. Oh, never mind, just saw your response to River above. :)

  7. That is a real coincidence. And I am surprised that doggy memories are not stronger. :-)


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