Tuesday, May 4, 2021

South to North


Who knew returning north would result in a slower pace. Never mind those tropes about leisurely southern life; now that we’re home, I’ve become a master at frittering away entire mornings. This is partially because it just looks quieter. Here, there aren’t those waves of seniors out on the sidewalks or in the bike lanes peddling away, or on the tennis courts, or marching up and down on the beaches. Of course, the weather in Florida, without the daily intermittent showers and brisk low-60s days of Massachusetts, is more conducive to outdoor living. But the biggest factor is the cumulative effect of sheer numbers. I think the more people there are strolling or biking, the more others are drawn in to join the parade, creating (if you’ll excuse the expression) a snowball effect.  

     Of course, the outdoors is Florida’s cash cow, so the counties provide everything they can think of to get you out to enjoy it. Long bike trails, generous sidewalks, free beaches, tennis/pickleball courts at every park.

     Meanwhile, after a three-day road trip up through the Shenandoah – beautiful, by the way – we’re settling in.

     And Mamie’s reacquainting herself with soft grass again, and the May “snow” of fallen tree blossoms. 




  1. We have that same "snow" around here. Welcome home!

  2. A slow pace suits me just fine.
    Love the snowfall that Mamie is enjoying. Ours is crispy, crunchy leaves at the moment. Actually because we had some welcome rain ours is soggy brown leaves...

  3. It's snowing here, too. And raining and cold this week.

  4. I love the notion that being outdoors is a little competitive in Florida!

  5. Glad you're back up north safely. Before you know it the temperatures there will be MUCH more pleasant than in Florida, and in Florida everyone will be staying inside!

  6. It is the crowdedness of Florida that keeps me away. It is my husband's home state and if we were not far from our children he would push me to move there. I do not like traffic, lots of people or heat...so will be happy to face winters here.

    1. I hear you. Our town in Florida is low-key compared to some, but it's still much, much busier than our little community in Massachusetts.


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