Friday, March 12, 2021



Little to report from here unless you’d like a riveting account of my knitting the last square for the throws I’m making for our twin granddaughters.

     We do now boast a refurbished water tower here. I thought it looked pretty good before, but the local powers-that-be must have decided it needed a little sprucing up. 

Big deal, you’re thinking, but one thing I found fascinating is the fellow doing the work is painting it by hand.




     Makes the Sistine Chapel at only 68 feet high look a little tame.



Then on our way back from our bike ride to breakfast today we spotted this sign.

This looks like a tag sale that means business.


  1. That is certainly an eye-catching sign. It reminds me of a death notice I saw many years ago. Most of the notice was stock standard but it finished with the lines 'the old cow has gone up the paddock for the last time'. I would love to know the story behind it.

    1. Wonderful! And equally appropriate for a gravestone.

  2. Tricky painting! Nerves of steel ! The sign is an inspiration! I saw one in Palm Springs that said "Dead people's stuff". Also inspiring. Time for a sale!

  3. There's a sign I couldn't ignore. I'd be at that sale when the garage door opened. Or gate if it's a yard sale.
    Great job on the painting.

  4. All the water towers near me are painted white.

  5. Ha! That's an awesome name for a sale. The water tower is looking quite swank! I wonder how much the city paid for that little spruce-up?

  6. That's an interesting design on that tower. I think he is doing a great job. And yeah, that sign pretty much says it all! :-)


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