Friday, March 26, 2021

April is like a crabby teenager


     A little while ago at 7:30, I took Mamie out for her morning pee. It was like walking into a warm sponge.

It appears April has arrived a few days early. I’ve decided the purpose of April for me here in Florida is to make it easier to leave. We need to get back anyway for our twin granddaughters’ birthday at the beginning of May, but it’s hard, knowing we’ll be leaving behind the beach, the other things we can do outside, and the many venues for eating out. Our small town in Massachusetts has very basic entertainment offerings and if you want to sit outside and have a good meal, it means at least a half hour drive.

     On the flip side, the weather here will now likely be in the 80s and higher from this point on, and with the relentless Florida sun and enveloping humidity, we’ll soon be in our house much of the time. Might as well be back up north. So, April in Florida is like have a teenager in the house. Someone you love, but who becomes so exponentially unpleasant you can’t wait to have them leave. Or in our case, to take our own departure.  It’s nature’s way of softening the goodbye.



  1. What is Massachusetts like in the summer? Mosquitoes? Hot? Humid? I ask because we're trying to figure out what to do with ourselves in the summer. We were here in Tucson last summer and think we'd like to avoid that again. When we were living in the RV we did not make it that far east, so we have no data.

    1. Oh my, I feel a sudden responsibility!
      I grew up in Virginia and Oklahoma, and it always amazed me when I visited aunts in Connecticut that evenings could actually be cool. Don't-forget-your-sweater kind of cool.
      Having said that, Massachusetts can be hot, and humid, and in the 90s just like many places. However, that rarely lasts for more than a few days.

  2. I think April is fickle in a lot of places.

  3. I do love Calvin - but would hate to live with one (even before he became a teenager).
    High humidity? Bleah. I would be very, very quick to leave.

  4. I love it here in the Pacific Northwest, but we don't have people leave in the winter because of snow, but because of plenty of rain, rain, rain. It's always something. :-)

  5. I just read Allison's comment, and am going to chime in. All of New England must be nice(er) in summer. And, you could go to Maine where it may snow in September.

  6. I love Calvin too, but isn't he already a surly sulker? Especially when having to do chores and go to school. His imagination does astound me though, brilliant is the word that comes to mind.
    I'm not a fan of humidity either, but don't know that I could be travelling back and forth each year as you do.

  7. I remember sitting at a sidewalk cafe in Miami Beach in April and I have NEVER BEEN SO HOT. (And from a Florida native, that's saying something!)


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