Monday, December 28, 2020

Escape to Pre-Covid France

Yesterday was filled with exciting events.

My half hour of yoga contortions with a Brillo pad trying to clean the oven of the Christmas roast spatters. (I dodged the self-cleaning setting on my oven after reading all its warnings.) A walk with the dog around our complex – leaping from the sidewalk to the driveway whenever oncoming people appeared. An afternoon drive to Sarasota to a neighborhood highlighted in the Sunday paper, only to find mostly non-de-script bungalows. (Someone must have had a house to sell and a friend on the newspaper.) On the way back we passed what were open fields last spring and are now filled with new housing complexes. The land and building rush seems to have continued, regardless of plague and recession.

          The highlight of the day was really dinner, binging in front of the tv with sausage and bean soup and decadent refrigerator rolls with honey. We’ve only just discovered “Escape to the Chateau” last month and yesterday found a channel that offers all the episodes. Who knew there were so many! If you haven’t seen it, it’s about a somewhat madcap couple of Brits who bought the 19th-century Château de la Motte-Husson in Martigné-sur-Mayenne, France and turned it into a wedding venue. This could be mildly interesting in itself, but their ambitious projects – a floating bedroom in a tent on the moat, a glass elevator up a turret, incredible menus – and their own joie de vivre is mesmerizing. Added to that are their two rosy-cheeked children, his walrus mustache, her tangerine/scarlet hair, and laughter – always laughter.   



  1. I haven't heard of "Escape to the Chateau." We'll have to check it out! I'm dismayed but not surprised to hear about all the construction in Sarasota. I barely even recognized it the last time I was there -- it's been 20 years since I moved away.

  2. I love Escape to the Chateau! Glad you discovered it. -Jenn

  3. I prefer Escape to the Country and have lusted after many a home featured on that program.
    Escape to the Chateau looks like hard work to me. Lots of hard work. And how in hell do you heat buildings with twenty foot ceilings?

    1. He's an engineer, she's an artist, and another reason the show is so fascinating is how they accomplish the seemingly impossible.

  4. Now that is one I'll have to find, since it sounds delightful. One thing there can never be too much of is laughter. :-)

  5. Sorry to hear Sarasota was a disappointment. I graduated high school there and it use to be a lovely town.
    A floating bed in a tent on a moat sounds like fun so I have set the show to record. Thanks.

  6. Just made a note to look for it tomorrow.

  7. Another century or two and the world will be wall-to-wall housing estates. There will be no land for farming which instead will all be done hydroponically in monstrous buildings. I'm glad I won't be around to see it. On the other hand, we might be settling on other planets by then, leaving the earth to grow our food and have it shipped in by rockets owned by Amazon.

  8. people flocking to Florida while the state sinks into the water. or rather the water rises.


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