Sunday, October 25, 2020

Fall's Bounty

          It’s official. Autumn is the most beautiful time of the year, even it’s really just for optimists, since what’s necessary  to appreciate it is a blind disregard for those dark winter days crouched waiting around the corner.

(On our part, we’re still celebrating no longer raking the leaves of the acre and a half of land at our last house.)

          Our porch exemplifies the schizophrenic nature of this time of year, with the impatiens still going strong. Yesterday I sat out there watching the leaves fall, but today began in the 30s, so porch days are likely no more.







 Our complex has some stunning trees,







          but today we took Mamie for a walk on a short trail up on the mountain, where the beauty is more informal. 





She had a great time, 




but back in civilization, our nervous Nellie is still a little uneasy about all that leaf crunching going on behind her.




  1. Simply glorious. And how fascinating that Mamie was more bothered by the leaf crunching close to home.

  2. No more leaf raking. It doesn't get any better.

  3. Our impatiens packed it in last week, but the begonias are sort of hanging on. There will be a frost tonight and possibly for a number of nights to come.

  4. I'm surprised Mamie doesn't get used to the sound of crunching leaves underfoot since they are around for several weeks. The trees are beautiful there.

  5. Poor Mamie. Too bad the crunching isn't as good for her as it is for us. Love the sound myself.

  6. Autumn is so relaxing as mentally we realize things are slowing down...and in a beautful way.


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