Friday, July 10, 2020

Idle Thoughts

Remember in those old movies when the main character, gray fedora dipped over one eye, would elbow his way into a phone booth and make a call with his handkerchief over the receiver to disguise his voice? Why isn’t this happening now, with all of us (hopefully) talking to each other through two layers of material?


Has anyone noticed the irony that we home quarentiners have been taking a toothbrush to the bathroom grout and disinfecting every surface twice daily, when there’s no visitors to admire our clean, clean house? Not to mention no guests arriving to enjoy all that sourdough bread and other baked goods we’ve filled our days with.


Considering that the main demographic of mask deniers is in the 20-30 year-old range, and mostly of a particular political persuasion, by 2021 will the average age of those still alive in the US have shifted to mid-50s Democrats?


  1. I am ashamed to admit that my visitor free house isn't nearly as clean as it could/should be. The garden and books take priority. Always.
    I do love Calvin and Hobbes and still mourn that Bill Watterson stepped away.

  2. I glanced down at the faint brownish ring around the chrome fitting of the sink drain, and reached for the "scrubber" toothbrush.

  3. interesting speculation except there's a big contingent of what I consider to be my 'age group' that still think masks are a govt plot and tyranny while they claim to be adults and know how to behave properly they go around without masks.

  4. I haven't bothered with cleaning my home so thoroughly. I rarely get visitors and because of the restrictions any who do knock on the door don't come in anyway. I wash my hands before I leave to go shopping, then again as soon as I get home and that's good enough for me. The rest of the place just gets the usual going over that it always got.
    I didn't get into the home baking craze either, I'm too lazy for that and of course there is no one to eat it all anyway.

  5. Funny, I was just yesterday looking at the dust on my flat surfaces in the living room and smiled. Nobody sees it but me, so I'll just leave it alone. :-)

    1. I hear you. That's more my style than the toothbrush brigade.

  6. I was never a fussy neat housekeeper, and as a friend once said, 'if they come to see ME, they aren't looking for dust under the bed. And if that's how they determine friendship, they can stay home..."
    And now, of course, there's just the two of us here and my husband either doesn't see or doesn't care about the clutter, unless he walks into it. Good man, there.

    I dust when I hafta.

    Always did wonder about the obsessive=compulsive disinfecting of a house no other body has been in or will be. It's like changing your bedsheets every day when you have a cold so you can't 'give yourself' more cold. uh huh.


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