Monday, June 8, 2020

Changing Times

Nothing like a pandemic and a rupture in the thin veneer masking our social problems to change your concerns.

          Right now, I’m happily watching the landscaping crew ride back and forth below my window, cutting the grass. It always feels magical that someone else is out there cutting it, but I’m especially pleased today because I need that lawn tidied up a bit. This afternoon we have friends toting their own beverages and lawn chairs to sit in our yard and do some socially distant drinking. My only contribution is to offer a clean bathroom with fancy paper towels for handwashing. Easily the least challenging hostessing I’ve ever done, for sure.

          This afternoon’s call with my daughter had us discussing the pros and cons of her sending our 10-year-old grandson to a week of day camp. I voted yes, knowing what a looong spring this has been for him and particularly after hearing the huge catalogue of safeguards the camp would be putting into action.

          This morning we received photos from our son, who took the day off to bring our two-year-old granddaughters to a park to run in the grass, a real treat for city girls like them in Providence, R.I. since they can’t go to playgrounds and play on the equipment, and the yard at their house is 99% concrete.

          This carefree picture was a balm to my heart after last week’s texts from him showing damage to city storefronts and his edginess (and my worry) when protest marches were scheduled the next night, a block away from their house.


  1. I am so very happy to read that you and your family had that much needed heart balm.
    We are assuredly living in 'interesting times' a curse I have always thought to be particularly vindictive.

  2. The twins are two years old already?? Gosh, you blink twice and half a decade disappears! Nice to see them running on grass though, concrete is so harsh.

  3. It would be so nice to see them running around in the grass. Thanks for the great picture. Stay safe and keep those little ones close to your heart. :-)

  4. I need to find someone to cut the grass over at the shop yard cause the guy that is supposed to do it isn't. most people I think are trying to find ways to socialize safely.

  5. Green is the balm for us all.

  6. I'm glad they were able to get out to the park, and yes, camp sounds like a good plan for a 10-year-old! (With safety precautions!) Kids need sunshine and nature.


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