Saturday, May 23, 2020

Dirt: the new toilet paper

Considering dogs’ superior olfactory ability, do you ever wonder if they mind smelling like “wet dog?”
As I write this, wafts of Mamie are floating up from where she’s lying on the floor. She was outside “helping” me plant, and when we came in one look at those black (normally white) little feet bought her an immediate trip to the kitchen sink.

          The weather’s received the memo that it is indeed Memorial weekend; it’s perfect for digging in the dirt. The clematis is settled in its new home, and the cosmos is tucked into the flower bed.

          The potted plants proved to be a challenge. Halfway through the process I realized I needed more potting soil. Off to Home Depot I went, where I had to stand in line just to enter, only to learn they were sold out of what I wanted. Here it was only Friday afternoon, and it was busy, busy. Heaven help the weekend shoppers. It looks like the whole world plans to head to the backyard, and they all need potting soil.

          On to the catch-all store, Ocean State Job Lot, where you can buy underwear, cut-rate cookies, rugs, and garden supplies. Sold out again.

          Next down the road was Lowes, where it was also packed, but I was happy to stand in line in the 85 degree sun since at last I found what I needed.  


  1. I keep thinking the shortage of "stuff" has to end sometime!! But I am perhaps not the smartest person when it comes to supply and demand and the economy.

  2. Now you make me want to wait a bit more. Funny how we are all getting the urge at the same time.

  3. I am so glad that the endless queuing finally paid dividends. Which reminds me, I also need potting mix. And a few other garden supplies. I am hoping that our cold change will keep others out of the garden centre. No doubt hoping in vain.

  4. You're right about the world turning out to garden. My sister and I tried two nurseries this morning, without turning in. Then I remembered one run by an old family, not in the thick of it, and it was busy, but accessible. Best, we paid $20 for $50 of plants.

  5. I'm glad you finally found what you needed. I like that support stand you have for the clematis.

    1. Thanks! Me too. It came courtesy of the past owners!

  6. Just saw your comment on "The Weaver Of Grass'" blog. About dreams.

    You said most of your dreams, concern trying to find a bathroom. Me Toooooooo!!!! -gigggles-

    I simply had to come over and leave this comment. I have never seen anyone else say this. Believe me, it makes me feel quite relieved. I am not the only one!!!!!! LOL

    Open up, please.
    In my country.
    With masks/distancing.
    Compromised people,
    Stay home!


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