Sunday, April 12, 2020

Warning: this is NOT about the pandemic - mostly

     Astonishingly, today’s blog is Covid-free. Although, if I hadn’t been pinned down at home for hours on end, I’d probably not have gotten around to this project.

          This is a selfish task, pretty much just for me. I’ve been writing this blog for years, thanks to a mentor who had brushed aside my objections and my scoffing, and convinced me to begin it. Much of it is without a doubt just day-to-day drivel, but once in a while a topic will cause me to set down some long-lost memory, or might be about an event I’d enjoy revisiting sometime.

          Instead of having to do electronic forensics through years past, I create a hard-copy chronicle, using Shutterfly. (No,
this is not an endorsement – that’s just the brand I happened to choose.) Now I have a book on my shelf for each year of my blogging – or would if I hadn’t slacked off. I’m currently putting together the 2017s posts, I guess I have some catching up to do. (Yay, virus!?)

          Not every entry is included, otherwise each book would be the size of the Manhattan phone book (or does such a thing still exist?) and would be too pricey. But I can pull out key memories and events so I don’t completely forget my favorite cat of them all, 
hijinks with the grandboys,

the arrival of the twin grandgirls, 

and all the weddings, moves, and milestones.


  1. Thanks for the idea of hard copy. Great project and I shall attempt to learn how.

  2. I thought about doing that for my blog posts, but I've never been very motivated. I'll look into Shutterfly, though. Thanks, Marty, and I hope you have a great Easter. :-)

  3. What a wonderful idea.
    I hope you and your family get hours and hours of pleasure from them in the years to come.

  4. Hard copy is a good idea. I keep thinking this computer version will always be here. Think that comes under not putting all eggs in one basket.

  5. Lovely synopsis here. Love Satchel.

  6. Interesting idea to have books printed of your blog.

  7. I made a book of some of my earliest blog posts years ago and sent it to my sister as a Christmas gift. Now I wish I'd made two so I'd have one. I remember using Blog2Book to do it. I'll have to see if that's still an option.

  8. I congratulate you for doing this. I started too, once, and still have plans ... er ... dreams.


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