Sunday, April 5, 2020

Raccoons and Bras

     Standards are slipping a bit here.
I returned from this morning’s walk and took my shower, which is a good thing. At least we’re still bathing. But as I looked in the mirror (first time today, and there’s the problem) I realized that I’d done two laps around the complex with the raccoon eyes of someone who'd failed to remove her eye makeup from the night before. In my defense, I hadn’t bothered because I’d never applied mascara yesterday (I mean, why?) and had only used a bit of eye liner so I could avoid the pig-eyed look of Queen Elizabeth.

          The good news is that I didn’t see a living soul, and if they had appeared, we’d have been at least 6 feet apart. Fine, they might have wondered why I now had the appearance of someone from a Charles Addams cartoon, but no harm, no foul. 



         The “how-to” photos and videos for masks are flying thick and fast by way of Facebook, emails, and messaging. I literally just received a text with instructions from a person I haven’t spoken to in four years.  

 Here’s how mine turned out (It’s crucial for everyone in the household to be color-coordinated): 

      Yet, when I looked in my underwear drawer today, I realized the ultimate solution was staring me in the face:
Thanks to the movie Weird Science
 Cut one of those babies in half, rearrange the straps, and you’re off to the races grocery store.


  1. gotta be better than sponges and menstrual pads tied to peoples faces. guess I ought to dig through my fabric scraps and see what I can come up with.

  2. Weird Science! I haven't thought of that movie in ages. Love the coordinated masks -- much better than a bra cup, LOL!

  3. Smiling.
    So far we are being told that masks are not necessary. Which could (and probably will) change in a heart beat.
    If it does I will have to go down the handmade route. They are as scarce as toilet paper here.

  4. Love your great homemade masks. WAY better than half a bra. Thanks for the giggles. :-)

  5. Cutting a bra in half sounds like a lot of work, especially with rearranging the straps, so I'll stick with my cowboy bank robber bandanna. Much simpler and quicker to dry after washing.

  6. Sue has fashioned one of those easy peasy masks that I shall wear if I do have to leaver isolation, however briefly.

  7. My bras are too expensive to cut up for masks!

  8. I am wishing I had not thrown away a batch of bras a few years ago!


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