Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Boredom to Beauty



     I'd finished my 956 page (no-really) murder mystery by Elizabeth George, the jigsaw puzzle held no allure, I'd already swabbed so much Pine Sol through the house that it smelled like a high school locker room, and the dog was bored. Time to hit the town.



 Back we drove to her favorite park where we found a yappy Chihuahua (or is that redundant?), a miniature poodle, and two slightly chunky King Charles spaniels.

          We also found a lot of beauty:


     We also met up with someone else out for a stroll  scurry.


A little chameleon, who I promise isn’t dead, but might have been taking a page from the opossum survival handbook.


  1. YOU did find a lot of beauty. Thank you.
    And yes, yappy is indeed redundant about that breed of dog. Yappy and too often nippy as well.

  2. Thanks for the pretty flowers. I am not a fan of ankle biters as a breed, but I cannot seem to resist them when I get acquainted with one. :-)

  3. Your little chameleon is a little charmer.

  4. A chameleon! Lucky you. I've never seen one, I don't think we have them here in Australia.

  5. George’s books cannot be too long.

    1. A length greatly appreciated during a boring pandemic. Claim to fame : I met her at a writer's conference and she sat with several of us for lunch!

  6. Impressed that you hung in for 956 pages. No one appreciates a chihuahua till they own one. Then they are all adorable.

  7. It definitely LOOKS dead. Glad you got out for a mini-adventure! We need to seize all the opportunities we can, right?

  8. I'm afraid I gave up on Elizabeth George when her plots started getting a bit wonky and the story lines became so convoluted I had to keep notes to remember where it was going...but I can appreciate the effort it takes to both write and read anything that long. Pictures are elegant, we are so far from flowers up here, as yet...


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