Thursday, March 26, 2020

The Quest

Never mind the Holy Grail, I had my own mission today.
A friend had texted yesterday that at a Dollar Tree store she’d achieved the impressive hat trick of paper towels, hand sanitizer, and toilet paper. Whether it was the spirit of competition, or my need to see if this impossibility could be repeated, I fired up the Honda.

          At the first Dollar Tree I made the mistake of asking for any of the above. The clerk gave me a pitying glance and said, “Ya gotta be here when the truck comes.” I at least found a plastic tablecloth for our next al fresco meal and some el cheapo nail polish. On my exit, trucks on the brain, I caught a glimpse of one unloading in front of the store. I froze, ready to lunge back into the store, but then read the side of the vehicle: Wonder Bread.

          CVS – no luck, but I’m ready for the twin granddaughters’ birthday in May with cards full of stars and glitter that move when you shake them – glitter and stars that will most likely end up spilling everywhere when tiny hands get inquisitive, but hey, even more entertainment!

          Winn Dixie food store (it was on the way) – nothing I was originally looking for, but we now have mushrooms for tonight’s dinner.

          Big Lots – again, zilch.  I did manage some dried onion flakes, a small spiral notebook, and a pack of purse-sized tissues. On the way out, a woman ahead of me and I did an awkward crazed chicken dance with our elbows as she tried to hold the non-working “automatic” door open for me and I tried to catch it.

           Dollar Tree again, one well out of my usual travel pattern – a spray bottle of cleaner that isn’t exactly anti-bacterial, but at least it cleans. AND a roll of paper towels PLUS a four-pack of TP!

          And only in Florida – a fellow shopper who I first took for a roach, but then saw was just one more gecko.


  1. All too familiar. Except for your successes, small as they are.
    Stay well, stay safe.

  2. Yes, I was warned today, maybe tomorrow, when the truck comes.

  3. Having a gecko INSIDE is supposed to be a lucky sign, so maybe go back to the same store when looking for toilet paper.

  4. I am looking forward to a nice day and a sit at the park, maybe with a picnic and tablecloth. It could be awhile yet, but in some years, we sometimes have one a=ro glorious days around now -- before it gets miserable again.

  5. I still need to get some flower starts for my front porch but have not been able to shake the glum feeling that pervades my days. I am staying pretty much home and settling into my easy chair. I wonder how long all this will last?

  6. Poor gecko! It's amazing how complex "provisioning" has become.


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