Saturday, February 8, 2020

Searching for serenity and style

After a week-long absence caused by appointments and conflicts, I managed to make it to the Y this morning for my Forever Fit class. If only.
Rather than the long term goal of being forever fit, my immediate objective is always surviving this class.

          Don’t get me wrong; I do enjoy it. It sneaks up on you, with benign toe taps, which lead to steps, then sideways into a grapevine, then marching. And it never stops, one action leading right into the next for an hour.

          It’s always a full class, so we all try to respect each other’s personal space. Or at least most of us do. Before we began, I chose my spot – fourth from the front in our row and the row on either side of me settled in. Just as the music began, a woman planted herself between me and the next row, less than a foot away. Not only was she in my way, she turned out to be one of those over-enthusiastic exercisers who feels the need to jump wider and travel farther. I gritted my teeth and controlled the urge to shoot out an elbow.    

          My only other challenge today is a haircut. Or, not the haircut itself since I’m a passive participant here, but what to wear. I’ve never been to this salon, so I need clothes that will inspire a cut that says “woman of style,” not “grandmother of 5.”


  1. Good luck.
    My style increasingly owes a lot to bag lady chic (though I prefer to think of it as bohemian).
    Space crowders do my head in. I would have had to move.

    1. You'll have to be Bohemian, I have Bag Lady Chic all sewn up.

  2. Most of my fellow exercisers are polite to those around them, but there's one. She doesn't come often, but I groan when I see her come in. I hope you got the haircut you wanted. :-)

  3. Lack of personal space is why I quit the Tai Chi class, 60 women in a room too small, and some of us were short, taking shorter steps while others were tall and taking steps into our heels. Then there were the arm movements we shorter people had to dodge. No more Tai Chi for me. There is a Fit over Fifty class I might look at this year.

  4. It sounds like you are standing for the whole thing. We do some stretches while sitting.


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