Saturday, February 22, 2020

Cold Snap

     Mamie's got a spring in her step; she's a Massachusetts girl through and through. It was 46 degrees this morning, with a healthy breeze and she bounced right along on her first time out today.
    This will pass - it'll go back to the 70s in a day or so, but that took a bit of faith last night at happy hour. The storm flaps were down at the open-air restaurant but the wind still whistled in and the bartender made good use of her hoodie. 


  1. Brrr! That's cold for where you are right now. I agree with Mamie, I like it when it's colder. :-)

  2. I am with Mamie and DJan. Emphatically.
    Great photo though.

  3. I live in the cold, cold north--and don't like it in winter.

  4. If it's cold enough to raise the hoodie perhaps the storm flaps should be in place to stop the wind. Those are pretty cushy looking bar stools.

  5. Replies
    1. Good guess, but actually it was The Salty Dog in Venice.


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