Thursday, November 14, 2019


I remember being fascinated by Pueblo homes as a child.
Granted I grew up in various suburbias, but it’s not like I’d never seen an apartment. In fact, we lived in one in Arlington, VA, until I was 5. Still, there was something about all those different families all stacked, one on top of another.

          We’re very happy here in Condoland now, although there are adjustments. At our house, we’d had an acre and a half of woods in back of us and the only neighbors I could see on our three-home street was the house across the road. I could have wandered the backyard in my birthday suit, weather permitting.

          Where we live now, we share one wall with a neighbor although we again have nothing but trees in back of us, and the other side is our driveway, so we still have quite a bit of privacy.

          Lately, though, I’ve been reminded that we are not alone. Yesterday I was trying to decide if a dress for an upcoming family event fell into the ‘only if I lose 10 pounds’ category. A glance up from the full-length mirror in the bathroom revealed two roofers on the peak across the way. I’ve never bothered with a curtain on that window, since you know, you’d have to – um – be on the roof to see in. 

          We’re in the middle of having a bathroom being built in the basement, and so have a constant trail of carpenters, plumbers, and electricians marching in and down the stairs. Even Mamie’s gotten used to that, with only a token bark when they arrive and then not even bothering to look up from her nap for the rest of the day as they tramp through.

          And they solved today’s 20-minute mystery of no hot water this morning as I stood around in my robe – the carpenter had unplugged the water heater for his compressor.

But then just as I thought it was safe to whip off my robe and finally jump into the shower, I remembered the management company’s announcement of workmen coming today to clean all the gutters. Just in case someone might be flinging a ladder up against the house, my route into the shower looked more like an ambush as I flattened myself against the wall to avoid any random eyes at the window.


  1. Well, at least you figured out all the answers.

  2. Hahaha! Eyes in places you'd never expect. :-)

  3. I've never lived anywhere that didn't have at least ten other houses in the street and the same in the streets behind and to either side. Now that I'm in a block of flats, I can hear the neighbours as well as see them. You'd think after 8 years I'd be used to hearing the neighbours pee and flush, but I'm not.

    1. Agreed. I'm grateful I can't hear anything from next door unless they happen to slam that door on the way out.

  4. I adjusted to living in an apartment the few years before I retired. But I had been told I was in the building with no pets as I am allergic to cats and the lady across from me had a cat! I also did ot like the rare argument in the stairwell and the smell of various ethic dishes while i was cooking my own dinner Guess I need my aloneness in the woods.

  5. Our neighbour came from the country, and it took her awhile to realize that people could see her prancing about in the nude. Not us, thank goodness, but those across the street.

  6. my biggest objection to sharing walls is no windows on that side. and if you share walls on both sides you only get windows at each end. nope. got to have windows all the way around. and in a situation with a high window like in your bathroom, well, if those workers get an eyeful, sobeit.

  7. Ha! I imagine roofers and gutter-cleaners are used to unexpected sights, working in places where people normally aren't.

  8. Oh - funny! Bob and I have been considering whether we're ready for condo/apartment living but not yet. It sounds like you don't have a lot of noise from your immediate neighbor which is good. Maybe a towel at the bathroom window til the roofers are done?


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