Friday, August 16, 2019

Color Misstep

So today I put on my turquoise exercise shirt. Big mistake.
Twenty minutes later, it was that shirt that propelled me to the front of our low-impact aerobic class with three other women who’d also had the bad judgment to choose that color.

          Our group’s teacher does that from time to time – scan the room and drag a crew wearing the same color tee to face the crowd along with her. And it is a crowd. Today’s attendance was down a bit due to summer vacations, but we still numbered 48.

          After years of facing grumpy, judgmental teenagers as a teacher, I’m pretty much immune to being in front of a group, but I would have preferred to stay in the crowd and just enjoy (?) my workout.

          As I tried not to lose count of things and make a fool of myself, I scanned the room. Crabbily, I thought why didn’t she pick that row of three guys at the back? It was as if they’d sent out a memo – they each had on khaki shorts and black shirts.

          Then I looked around the gym. There wasn’t a man in the group I’d have asked to dance. Arms were waving, feet were stepping, with a complete disregard for the music or what anyone else was doing. Put them in front of the room and it could all turn to chaos.


  1. next time pick gray so you'll blend in with the shadows.

  2. Ha! That is a HUGE workout group. I'm sure you did a good job and probably got a good workout, too. :-)

  3. Smiling.
    I don't like being the centre of attention - and cannot dance, so perhaps I would be safe...

  4. I don't like facing the crowd either, put me at the back where I can look foolish without being seen please.

  5. I would hate to be in the front. My coordination is so bad on some days!!

  6. Ha! If you had gay guys in the group, THEY could keep time. (I'm allowed to say that, LOL!)

  7. Could you wear a tshirt with your own first name emblazoned on it? Would that work? I mean, how many Marty's are there in that group...
    And that was nice of you not to embarass the miscoordinated men: although Im sure they would have put more effort into what they were doing, maybe.

  8. I notice this too. Generally speaking, women seem to have better rhythm and poise.


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