Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Big Sister is Listening?

(I’ve been away from Blogland for too long. Wish I could say why – inertia, mostly. But I’ve also made it to 70,000 words in book #3, and with any luck I’ll soon get all my characters under control and ultimately trot out the murderer, so there’s that.)

          The other day My Guy and I were standing in front of the refrigerator, debating its fate. It’s been making those wonky noises again. Last time, the repairman came out, diagnosed that it had iced up inside and the noise was a fan hitting the ice. We turned it off, things melted, and he chipped off the remaining ice. All set – except for the $89.00 service fee.

          Six weeks later, here we are again. $89 or new fridge? A new fridge would cancel out the floor about to be installed in the living room, so I’m good with a little noise or maybe trying the defrost route.

          So a couple hours later I wandered into the den where he’s looking at his email. Funny thing – National Grid, our power company, had sent us the helpful message that they love to take away our old fridge and would even give us $100 for it, likely with the hope that we’d lessen our footprint with a new, high efficiency model.


          Our Alexa does sit on the kitchen counter, steps from where we’d been discussing what to do about the refrigerator. . .


  1. I see a new fridge in your future. Soon.
    But shudder to think of a sentient mechanical eavesdropper.

  2. Yikes, a spy eavesdropping in the house? On a related note, I often use duckduckgo.com to search the Internet since they keep your searches private.

  3. and that is why I won't own one of those.

  4. Hmmmm. That is suspicious. I won't have one of those eavesdroppers in my house! Now I'm sure I am right about that. But you know, you just might go for it. :-)

  5. you will also be amazed at what it does for your electric bill. Energy Star really works...self defrosting, and you never have to scrape ice off of anything again....

  6. Alexa may be off the hook; Ohio Edison is making the same offer. I think they're all dealing with aircon.

  7. See that? Alexa is listening in and feeding information to the powers that be. Along with all those google thingamies that sit in people's houses so they can say "Play...(song)" and hear their song.
    a new fridge might be worth putting off a new floor for a bit longer.

  8. I keep Alexa turned off except when I need an answer to a question. Don't trust the little gal. I'd pay the $89, watch what he chipped away at after the defrost, then do it myself next time. New fridges are sooooo expensive.

  9. Wow! That IS freaky. But maybe ultimately a good thing, if you decide to go that route. A hundred bucks and lower power bills might not be something to sneeze at!


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