Saturday, June 8, 2019


You may recall our battle with the encroaching woods in defiance of the condo association’s reminder that we are surrounded by preservation land.
Side note – I tried not to stare at the ceiling and whistle at Tuesday’s board meeting when the officers gave those assembled the fish eye and warned against any lopping, cutting, or tidying of the area beyond our backyards. I’ve since realized – too late – that one of the officers lives about five doors down and may have seen My Guy marching toward the scraggly pines, saw in hand.

          Another thing we’re not supposed to do – and with good reason – is to not put out bird feeders. While the complex sits just off Main Street and is only two miles from a highway, bears are not out of the realm of possibility. In fact when we moved in two years ago, more than one resident shared recollections of spotting a bear ambling down our street.

Still, I decided one small hummingbird feeder might not bring on Armageddon. And this was my first sight this morning when I sat at my computer. 
          How could you resist this?


  1. scofflaw! a woman after my own heart.

    1. Yeah, we're regular Bonnie and Clydes here in retirement land.

  2. Love it! You'll have to tell us if you see any big, black, hairy, ursine hummingbirds. :)

  3. Just can't get away with anything these days. Some one is always filming. Good luck with the hummers. I look forward to the tiny squabblers each year.

  4. I would LOVE to see hummingbirds. And would definitely sneak up a feeder. But then my ignorant self thinks a bear sighting would be pretty special too.

  5. I love to watch birds, too. It would be so sad not to be able to have hummingbird feeders! Good for you. :-)

  6. There's always a rebel in the crowd.

  7. Great shot. I miss my bird feeders.

  8. I hope you are allowed to keep the feeder, hummingbirds are lovely to watch. But keep an eye out for bears too.

  9. Are you allowed to plant flowers? YOu could plant hummingbird-friendly flowers, perhaps in a place where no one would be offended.

    I can see both sides of this (and isnt THAT annoying), but you know, and I know, if youre allowed to do this, then the guy next door will be putting one up, and pointing a quivering finger at you, and then the nice lady on the other side of you will sneak in a squirrel proof suet feeder and and and...(and bears LOVE suet. yum)


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