Friday, May 10, 2019

We've Got Rhythm - - Usually

I opened the gym door this morning and found my group of exercise besties for our regular Friday Boomer Bootcamp, described by the YMCA as improving “gain strength, flexibility, balance, and stamina.”
All I know is that we’re constantly moving, but we get to do it to the loud beat of oldies, making it easier to ignore that gimpy hip or creaking knee.

          Except they switched instructors on us. Instead of Vickie, who always keeps us stepping like backup dancers for the Four Tops, we drew a person with all the enthusiasm of a phlegmatic clerk at Walgreen’s.

          Instead of warming us up with booming notes from The Temptations, we grapevined to some faint unnamable background music while our instructor, who had no apparent sense of rhythm, led us just that little bit off-beat so we struggled to mirror her movements.

          Oddly, the song choices improved toward the end, although she could have used some advice on timing her musical line-up.

It was a little disconcerting to suddenly have Barry White rumbling out the intro (There's many times that we've loved. We've shared love and made love. . ) before he commenced with “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love.” Unfortunately, at this point we were standing on one leg and had to stifle any urges to move to the beat.

            With “Twist and Shout” we were sitting in chairs for slowwww leg lifts, followed by Aretha Franklin’s “R.E.S.P.E.C.T.” for overhead weight raises. Anyone choosing to match movement to music would have been risking a concussion.

 When I looked around the gym there was more than one sneaker tapping. I wouldn’t have been one bit surprised if at this point the whole group had launched from their chairs into a fully choreographed routine like something out of “Fame.”


"I Can Do Anything Better Than You"


  1. I think I should hug our instructor who does a very good job.

    1. Some of us have followed Vickie to other classes and sites like the faithful once followed the Grateful Dead.

  2. I can remember watching an aerobics instructor at the pool wondering how her class stayed awake. And watching another and noting that in a different lane her energy had infected me and I was swimming faster.
    An instructor (good or bad) can make all the difference.

  3. back when I was a gym rat (in my 50s) I did my hour with the trainer, then 45 minutes on the treadmill for cardio, then I thought I would check out one of the classes. the instructor was all about I almost didn't make it out alive. that was the first and last time I did that.

  4. I've been thinking about going to one of those "fit after Fifty" classes at the local community centre, hopefully they do more than sit in chairs and lift their knees.

  5. I agree that a good instructor makes all the difference in my workouts. I do a three-times-a-week class with an hi-lo aerobic instructor whose classes have not changed an iota in 30 years! She has quite a following, too. :-)

  6. I might have fallen over with laughter at Barry White.


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